The Ruins of Lifta’ screening in Jerusalem’

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Join the struggle to save Lifta

The building plans are progressing -at this crucial times your involvement can save lifta from the demolition. you can halp throughout several channels. read more

The demolishing has begun

The demolishing of the houses next to road 1 began on Tuesday the 6th of Nov 2016. Listen here to Yoni Yohanan, a resident of the village, talk about the distraction (start on 27:40).

Save Lifta coalition demands to see the antiquity and preservation survey

The coalition struggles to receive the antiquity and preservation survey that was prepared by the Israeli antiquity authority. See here the full document

Another house has collapsed

Each winter reveals dramatic changes in Lifta’s landscape. The houses of the village should be stabilised urgently for the sake of visitors security and future preservation. As part of our activities we document changes in the village surroundings.