The Save Lifta Coalition was established in 2010 to save Lifta, a depopulated Palestinian village in Jerusalem, from 6036 construction plan that threatens the village and aims to demolish it. We believe that preserving the village structures, landscapes and environment are crucial for the future of both Lifta and Jerusalem.

Our goal is to reach a steady arrangement that will ensure the preservation of Lifta as a local and universal heritage site.


Who are we?

The Save Lifta coalition consists dozens of activists of different backgrounds, including Palestinians, Israelis and other nationalities, men and women, of different faiths and beliefs; those who lived in Lifta, their families and descendants, as well as researchers and political, environmental and social activists. All, people that the future of Lifta, Jerusalem and the area are dear to them. The members of the Save Lifta Coalition comes from different backgrounds and have different views of the struggle and the future of the village, but all are united in one goal – to save Lifta from destruction and to work together to insure a better future for the beloved village.


Our four main activities:


Increasing public awareness and discourse


Legal struggle


Environmental and Ecological campaign


Documentation and preservation