Program Regulations No. 6036

2006, 2004

Regulations of plan 6036 for the change of the construction designation in Lifta to residential, commercial and hotels, published in 2004 and updated to 2006 by architects G. Kertes, S. Groag and S. Aharonson.

Program objectives:

Change in land designation.

Determination of construction and construction instructions for construction of new buildings and establishment of building additions for existing buildings, in the area of ​​the village of Lifta and its environs, in accordance with the addenda of Building and Development.

Setting instructions for the conservation, restoration and reconstruction of the existing buildings and terraces and integrating them into the new development in the area.

Determination of maximum building height, maximum construction areas, maximum building lines, and the binding building lines in each of the plots designated for construction in the plan.

Determination of the maximum housing number in the plan for 243 housing units.

Determining construction instructions for the purpose of building a hotel.

Determination of road and traffic systems, including the plotting of main roads in and around the neighborhood, and the parking space in the plan.

Setting instructions for the construction of an interchange connecting Route No. 9, Mizpeh Naftoach and the neighborhood proposed in the framework of this plan, number 6036.

Setting instructions for the development and maintenance of all the areas within the territory of ​​the plan.

Setting conditions for granting building permits in the area and stages for the execution of the construction and development.

Determining the permitted uses in each of the areas designated for construction in the plan, including in the area of ​​their village nucleus, in the areas of the institutions and in the areas for public buildings.

Determination of antiquity areas and instructions for dismantling and demolition.

Determination of instructions regarding buildings for dismantling and demolition. 144. Consolidation and redistribution.

To comply with the full 6036 program regulations


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