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The Campaign for “Saving Lifta” is a continuous and long process which end is still unfigured. As there are various influential factors; governmental and economical, that lead to the demolition of the Village. Therefore, great effort and devotion are needed. The “Saving Lifta” Campaign gets its strength from the public whom should demand and call upon the country to stop these acts of demolition and repression.

Knowledge and memory are not enough! There is still much to do and Lifta needs some more help. It will be harder to continue the demolition and implify the new plans on the beloved Lifta against the explicit voices of thousands asking to save it!


So, what can YOU do?

  • If you still didn’t sign the Israeli petition to save lifta you can do it here.
  • You can also sign the international petition.
  • Spread the petitions in all the tools you can reach!
  • Join here (link) to our mailing list and start getting information about our upcoming meetings and activities.
  • Join and Share our Facebook page (link) and sign up to get the recent updates in real time.


The members of Saving Lifta Coalition together form a varied assemble, as for each members has his sole cultural, social and professional background and knowledge. We activate several “task groups” to maximize our abilities and special interests that Lifta inspire in every one of us.

  • Contact Yacoub or Naser, the coordinators of Lifta’s Palestinian refugees families, whom currently live at Jerusalem. 
  • Contact Yoni the coordinator of the Israeli group of Lifta residents and the head of “The Neighbourhoods Forum”.
  • Contact Shmulik who centres the Architectural subjects – planning and designing preservation .
  • Contact David, Ecological Doctorant who is associate with israeli Green organizations how support us.
  • Contact Naftaly for for information of organizing guided tours for groups and planning routes for day tours at Lifta. 
  • Contact  Sami if you have legal knowledge or background and you wish to help. 
  • Contact Daphna if you wish to organize a lecture, a meetup for further discussions, or if you’re a journalist.
  • If you would like to get some general information for students research or you can not find your way of helping in this above-mentioned scopes you can write Ilan.


Support us with financial donations!

The coalition is now at it’s sixth year, it did not established as a statutory body and it’s success is an outcome of a humane endeavor and an intensive practical work above all. However, we had massive expenses and they are about to expand during the campaign. We commit to act with full transparency and use our budget only in favor of saving Lifta. Contacts Daphna or Yacoub for donations.


We still need writers and translators in Hebrew, Arab, English and more – Lifta is a world heritage site and the interest of saving it are world wide.

Do not forget to tell people around you about Lifta and expose them to this unbelievable situation. Visit Lifta as much as possible – it is as beautiful as a shining star and welcoming every one who is entering its gates – every season and despite all the destruction that surrounds it.


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