From pioneers to invaders – the struggle of the absentee properties residents of Lifta

In March 2017, in a festive ceremony held against the backdrop of the village of Lifta, the state recognized, after years of struggle, the property rights of the Jewish residents of Lifta. The struggle of the “Union of Neighborhoods” members, led by Yoni Yochanan, is a precedent in the struggle of residents of other neighborhoods designated for eviction such as Givat Amal, Kfar Shalem, Ness La’goyim, Sumail in Tel Aviv; Amidar neighborhood in Bat Yam and other sites in absentee properties in mixed cities.

Read more about the families’ struggle in an article published by Yoni Yochanan in Hamaabara (in Hebrew).

  • *שדות חובה

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