The Local Committee temporarily halted the building plan for Lifta

Last Wednesday, August 9th 2017, the Local Planning and Building Committee of Jerusalem convened for the third time to approve the Lifta building plan 270b. This plan was prepared following the 2012 court ruling to amend, complete and improve the urban planning scheme for Lifta in force for over ten years – 6036 – and to adapt it to the findings of the Israel Antiquities Authority survey conducted at the site. As in the previous committee meetings, Save Lifta Coalition members met many committee and city council members to provide information on Lifta and the building plan and explain our firm position against it.  As in the previous committee meeting on July 12 and the committee’s tour of the site on July 24, most of its members – also members of the Jerusalem City Council – have again expressed opposition to the plan. Subsequently, according to the municipality “the plan was removed from the committee agenda in order to undergo further professional examination. After this examination it will once again be put to discussion in the Local Planning and Building Committee.”

We are very glad for this success but remain prepared to continue with the struggle – click here to sign our petition to cancel the 6036 building plan and to promote a new scheme that professionally addresses Lifta’s natural and cultural qualities.

The Committee’s decision gains wide media coverage (in Hebrew)

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