The Local Committee Meeting

On July 12th the local committee of the Jerusalem municipality held a meeting to approve plan 270’B for the construction of a luxury neighborhood in Lifta. We would like to thank all of the coalition members that were present in the meeting (although non of them got the opportunity to speak).

During the meeting members of the Antiquity Authority shortly presented parts of their survey, members of the Nature and Parks Authority presented the nature reserve plan that was recently declared in the area of Lifta and which dose not include the village’s houses and ancient kernel.

Despite the underhanded attempt to approve the plan, most committee members did not agree to vote without seeing the full survey of the Antiquity Authority (which has not yet been made accessible to the public) and without seeing the new urban building scheme. Thus, the vote has been postponed and committee members urged the Antiquity Authority to submit the complete survey, its recommendations and to arrange a guided tour in Lifta.

The tour will be held in the upcoming weeks and the plan will be brought for final voting.

  • *שדות חובה

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